NEPeSMO announces publication of clinical data validating COPD Predict prediction algorithm

Manchester, UK June 21, 2021 – NEPeSMO Ltd, a pioneer in  self-monitoring solutions for the prediction of exacerbation in patients with chronic lung diseases is pleased to announce that the publication of the clinical study data, that validated the exacerbation prediction algorithm within its proprietary digital health application, COPDPredict™.  The data was published today in The International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Validation of COPDPredict™: Unique Combination of Remote Monitoring and Exacerbation Prediction to Support Preventative Management of COPD Exacerbations

International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease 2021:16; 1887-1899.

The publication details the results from a prospective 6-month study in 90 patients with a history of COPD exacerbations leading to hospitalisation. Compared to the 6 months pre-COPDPredictä, hospitalisations were reduced by 98% (90 vs 2, p<0.001). COPDPredictä identified COPD-related exacerbations at 7, 3 days (median,IQR) prior to clinician-defined episodes, sending appropriate alerts to patients and clinicians. Cross-tabulation demonstrated sensitivity of 97.9% (95% CI 95.7–99.2), specificity of 84.0% (95% CI 82.6–85.3), positive and negative predictive value of 38.4% (95% CI 36.4–40.4)and 99.8% (95% CI 99.5–99.9), respectively.

The authors concluded that the high sensitivity indicates that if there is an exacerbation,COPDPredict™ informs patients and clinicians accurately. The high negative predictive value implies that when an exacerbation is not indicated by COPDPredict™, the risk of an exacerbation is low. Thus, COPDPredict™ provides safe, personalised, preventative care for patients with COPD.

About COPDPredict™:COPDPredict™ automatically creates unique personalised bio-clinical profiles from a combination of simple, routinely collected patient-reported symptoms, physiological and biomarker tests.  From this data, proprietary exacerbation prediction algorithms identify changes in COPD health status, alerting patients and their clinicians of an impending exacerbation.Unlike other digital health trackers and adherence monitors, COPDPredict™ gives patients and clinicians the opportunity to adjust treatment promptly and prevent hospitalisations.  Patients experience an improved quality of life and payors benefit from reduced COPD management costs.

Contacts: With regards to the publication, please contact the lead author, Dr Neil Patel (neil.patel@ With regards to the Company or COPDPredict™, please contact Trevor Phillips, Executive Chairman (trevor.phillips@